Camping near waterfalls in North Carolina is not a new idea. For years, families have camped and enjoyed the peaceful beauty of waterfalls in this state. The only problem has always been getting to them. In order to get to them, you would have to drive for miles through forests and over bridges, sometimes you would never find the waterfalls or the trails where you were going to camp. This could get really boring and frustrating!

Now, there is a solution to your camping dilemma. Camping near brevard nc  can be very fun when you know where to find the waterfalls. As I said before, North Carolina is full of amazing natural landscape including lots of waterfalls. If you know how to find them, camping near waterfalls in North Carolina can turn into a very easy adventure. In this article, I will share with you some of the best camping spots where you can find waterfalls.

Blue Ridge is one of the best places to find natural water falls in North Carolina. The area is actually filled with large waterfalls which are perfect for camping near waterfalls in North Carolina. There are also many very interesting hiking trails here that you can take that will give you a chance to see unique species of wildlife. And, if you are not into hiking and would rather just camp under the waterfall, then you can do that too at Blue Ridge.

Another great place to find waterfalls is at the rv parks near hendersonville nc. Roaring Fork Lake is about thirty minutes from Charlotte, NC and is easily accessible by hiking trails. At Roaring Fork Lake, you will find two naturally shaped waterfalls, Silver Lake and Big Bear Lake. Camping at Roaring Fork Lake is a wonderful way to spend a night as well as learn about the natural beauty of the land.

Crystal Springs State Park is another popular camping destination for people who love the spectacular views of Crystal Springs Lake and the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park offers a great camping experience too, because there are a lot of different hiking trails that you can choose to camp on. If you are looking to see more than just the waterfalls, you might want to consider booking a guided tour of the park. Guided tours are available for camping near waterfalls in North Carolina, as well as all over the Great Smoky Mountains.

One other thing that you should be aware of when camping near waterfalls in North Carolina is the fact that you should never go alone. You should always take with you at least two other people who are safe and sound. This is especially important if you are camping in a heavily wooded area. You can always bring along a friend or two to go with you. This way if anything does happen to you are left alone in the woods, you will have someone with you to help keep you alive. Read more about a campsite at
Things To Know Before Camping Near Waterfalls

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